Hijama is a great way to give your body a full service by removing harmful toxins and pollutants from our body. Clinic every Thursday 11am - 7pm.

* Back Pain
* Improves Overall Health of Body
* Ladies Problems
* Males weakness Problem
* Helps Relax Muscles in Body
* Reduces Side Effects of Drugs
* Help constipation Problems
* Improve blood circulation
* Helps improve memory,
* Stress Relief
* Weight Loss
* Weight gain
* Help Asthma Problems,
* Reduces Diabetes
* Reduces Hair Problems,
* Help cure Eczema
* Relives Aches & Pain,
* Reduces depression
* Purifies Blood
* And many more……

Herbal Clinic

The Herbal clinic every Thursday 11am-7pm is run by registered professional medical herbalist, who practices herbal medicine.

We offer wellness consultations and educational services; an excellent opportunity to learn about health and receive herbal and nutritional advice.