Supercover Professional HD Advanced Courses

Have you ever wanted to prepare make-up for models ahead of a glitzy fashion show or for actresses just before the director calls 'action'? Would you like to make this your full time paid profession offering make-up services for make-overs or bridal work, well then welcome to the world of make-up! 

We offer Supercover Professional HD Advanced Level 1, 2 and 3 Day Make-up Courses

Brief highlight of what our high definition (HD) course covers:

  • Introduction to advanced level HD make-up and hygiene
  • Proper use of brushes, tools and application methods
  • Health and Safety and customer service
  • Make-up techniques that does not allow cross contamination
  • High definition (HD), highlighting, shading and corrective make-up
  • Understanding colour concept of primary and earth tone colours
  • Eye colours and hue, to compliment your work
  • HD bridal make-up techniques as a service and a business
  • Asian and cultural HD bridal make-up techniques
  • Film, Television and HD Photography make-up techniques
  • Colour correction for all types of skin discolouration including paramedical
  • Undertones for Fair, Asian, Arabic, Oriental and Black skin tones
  • Re-shaping, correcting and designing: eyelids, eyebrows, eyes and lips
  • Understanding face shapes and contouring, correcting facial structures
  • Natural, day glamour, fashion, evening and catwalk HD make-up techniques
  • Skin care preparation and creating a fresh skin
  • HD make-up techniques for men, newscasters and actors

Course breakdown

Day 1: Handouts and theory
Day 2: All day practical on each other or your own model
Day 3: Further practical Catwalk, Fantasy, Ageing and Mens make-up techniques.

Supercovers Professional HD Advanced Level Course Award Certificate is certified by
ABT (Association of Beauty Therapists)

You will be required to bring your own model for your practical days which are the
2nd and 3rd day of the class. We do not provide models. If you are doing a one day course then you need to bring a model for the whole day.

All make-up products, tools, etc. are supplied for the practical sessions, therefore, you do not need to bring these accept for false lashes and glue should you wish to learn how to apply these.

Keep Note
Please bring a pad and pen, a camera to record your work and a packed lunch if you wish. Video filming is not permitted.

Bridal Make-up
You may select a subject such as Asian bridal HD make-up or other subjects on a one day course. You are welcome to bring a professional photographer or your own camera for a photo shoot as part of your 
portfolio. For this we would suggest that you bring all the necessary items including articles of clothing.